This is my special little corner of the internet where I am practically a god and you are a small, fragile, useless thing. The only power bestowed upon you in my kingdom is the ability to click links. So feel free to do that.

What does bdgr mean?

'bdgr' is short for badger, which is what I usually go by online to stay semi-anonymous ('a badger' or 'vicious badger').

I host this site from home and the server looks like an actual badger. It's really cute

Who are you?

Some guy from Denmark who likes making games, music, and other things, on my PC.

When I was a teenager I made a lot of games - most of them not that interesting, but a few stand out. You can play those here

If you like experimental and/or unfinished music you can also check out my soundcloud page here.

Pewdiepie played one of my games once. Wow! Thank you Pewdiepie. If you read this I want you to know that you are a funny guy and your video warmed my soul.