what the hell is this

this is bdgr.zone. it's a site I build and host. things might appear here.

who are you

I am 'vicious badger' or just 'badger' and used to go by 'bk-tn'. as you can see i am not good with internet names.

I like how odd and hilarious the online world can be and I want to contribute to its weirdness.

so far, small shitty video games have been my medium of choice.

pewdiepie even played one of them once. wow! thank you pewdiepie.

I wanted to visit bk-tn.com. why does it redirect here?

first of all, thank you for wanting to visit bk-tn.com, it used to be my portfolio but I don't work on games as often as I used to do - so I decided to use this web zone for shits and giggles instead.

the best of those games can still be found on Game Jolt.

if you by chance liked the games there and want to re-download them, you can send me an e-mail and I'll hook you up.