tiny terrible pc games

mostly windows only

i made or helped making these (some were team projects)

title release genre what is it badgerscore(tm) links
we are infinity feb 2015 weird odd visuals. clone of a better game. go play this is infinity by cactusquid instead. made for game jam. meh download
one screen story dec 2014 topdown, explore short, cozy. very simple. boring story. made for game jam. bleh download
sanicball jun 2014 racing, shenanigans race as sonic as a ball. go very fast. play online. meme jokes. wow visit
the connection mar 2013 first person, puzzle ambient puzzle game. pretty. doesn't explain mechanics. figure it out the hard way, big guy nice download
thrusters nov 2010 arcade, shooter remake of action 52 subgame "thrusters". very tough. sort of decent download
muffin escape sep 2010 platform, inf. runner escape from a muffin. banging soundtrack. hard to look at. insane download
awesome flying object aug 2010 sandbox, upgrades be ufo, murder people. charming art. upgrade your ship. vague story an attempt download
specter spelunker resizes jul 2010 platform, puzzle resize yourself to move forward. based off "specter spelunker shrinks". made for game jam. decent download
30s.t.e. feb 2010 survival, upgrades, boring shoot zombie dudes. dont let them past you. art looks exactly like this shit site. made for game jam. boring download
100% logical dec 2009 platform, puzzle game that tries its best to fuck with you. quirky inside jokes. multiple fake endings pretty good download
paperlocked aug 2009 platform basic platformer. testing some cool library for displaying 2d games as 3d. simple download
colorful jan 2009 platform, puzzle deceptive puzzles. look at the shadows of objects. lots of levels. average download
bread factory jun 2008 clicker, upgrades bake bread. bread download